How to Use Castor Oil (Arandi Oil) to Get Glowing Skin?

Glowing and flawless skin is something that everyone dreams of. No matter you are a man or a woman, you would found yourself wishing for a glowing, radiant and flawless skin to look perfectly amazing. Though there are many ways that can lead you to the perfect skin tone and radiance, I will talk about the benefits of Castor Oil […]

5 Power Yoga Poses to Help You Lose Belly Fat Fast

More than 40% of today’s population is overweight or obese and it’s the high time that we all get serious about our health because excess weight can cause many serious health issues. Even I have pulled my hair in agony when I saw an extra inch bulging down my belly. Being overweight can degrade your self-worth and lower your confidence […]

5 Easy Yoga Hand Mudras to Reduce Belly Fat Fast and Naturally

Overview Being overweight and obese is one of the most serious health concerns today’s generation have. It’s not just about looking good anymore as obesity and extra fat can lead to some serious health issues including heart attack. You might be shocked to hear that obesity is one of the leading causes of fatal health issues. This is the reason […]