How to Get Glowing Skin with Green Tea? – Uses and Benefits

Green tea has been used from the ancient times because of its countless health benefits. It is also known for its amazing anti-aging and skin enhancement properties. It has always amazed us with its healing and beautifying properties. Regular intake of green tea can show immense improvement on the skin texture of any skin type. According to various studies and […]

Foods You Should Avoid To Increase Height

As a child, I was into the race of growing taller than my friends like every other child of my age. Now, I have grown up and nothing has changed. People still want to grow taller and look fabulous with that good physique. Therefore, we focus on diet to accomplish our goals to achieve a perfect body. Our moms were […]

Amazing Weight Loss Benefits of Mint Leaves, Juice & Tea

Mint leaves, also known as “Pundina” in Hindi, may be known for plenty of its healing properties, but no one has ever thought that it can offer some amazing weight loss benefits too.  But before getting your hopes too high, just remember that there is no magic pill to weight loss and no herb can miraculously help you shed kilos. […]

How to do Yoga Meditation at Home? – With Health Benefits

What is Yoga Meditation? Yoga is a spiritual practice that stimulates your mind and body to bring it in a harmony and keep you fit both mentally and physically. It contains many poses that help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by improving various health conditions. On the other hand, meditation is the process of de-concentration which is practices in order […]

How to Use Aloe Vera to Get Glowing & Flawless Skin?

Aloe Vera is a magic herb and I can’t think of something it cannot do. The healing and beautifying properties of Aloe Vera lie inside its wonder gel that is found inside its long leaves. Aloe Vera gel is used in manufacturing of many beauty products because of its ability to heal your skin from inside and keeping it healthy, […]

Roti Vs Rice – Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Obesity and being over-weight is one of major health issues current generation is facing. Maybe that’s the reason why this generation has become diet conscious. Amidst all this, the biggest question that arises is that between Roti and Rice, which one is better for losing weight and leaning down. Both Roti and Rice are essential parts of Indian diet and […]

Top 10 Foods That Help In Increasing Height Fast & Naturally

Height has always been a matter of serious concern as far as one’s personality is concerned. Of course none of you wants to end up short. Everyone wants to grow taller and have a good looking body and height plays an important role in determining that. In my previous article, I discussed about how the height can be increased at […]