Roti Vs Rice – Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Obesity and being over-weight is one of major health issues current generation is facing. Maybe that’s the reason why this generation has become diet conscious. Amidst all this, the biggest question that arises is that between Roti and Rice, which one is better for losing weight and leaning down.

Both Roti and Rice are essential parts of Indian diet and it’s nearly impossible to imagine Indian food with these two. But most of the people have misconception that both roti and rice are not good for weight loss. But, that’s not completely true. Yes, I agree that rice and roti can make you gain weight. But, both of them can be exceptionally good for weight loss if you eat them in right proportion.

If you are a weight loss enthusiast, you might be aware that the most important thing required for losing weight is maintaining a right calorie deficit. That simply implies that if you consume fewer calories in a day than you can burn, you will definitely end up losing weight. This means that if you add roti and rice to your diet according to the calorie deficit, you won’t get fat at all. It’s as simple as that.

Now the question is:

Is Roti Better than Rice for Weight loss?

Most people would agree to this but I would like you to make your own choice by reading the facts about roti and rice that I am going to discuss in this article.

I would like to start with comparing the nutritional value of rice and roti. Let’s see:

Wheat (1 Cup) – Nutritional Value

Calories   120 Sodium 190 mg
Total fat 3 gm Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 1 gm Total Carbs 20 gm
Polyunsaturated 0 gm Dietary Fiber 3 gm
Monounsaturated 0 gm Sugars 0 gm
Trans 0 gm Protein 4 gm
Cholesterol 0 mg Vitamin A 0%

RiceRice (1 Cup) – Nutritional Value

Calories   130 Sodium 1 mg
Total fat 0.3 gm Potassium 35 mg
Saturated 0.1 gm Total Carbs 28 gm
Polyunsaturated 0.1 gm Dietary Fiber 0.4 gm
Monounsaturated 0.1 gm Sugars 0.1 gm
Trans 0 gm Protein 2.7 gm
Cholesterol 0 mg Vitamin A 0%

While comparing the nutritional value of both roti and rice from the tables above, it turns out that roti is a healthier choice because it is rich in fiber and takes time to digest. That means where rice can be digesting in less time because of its dietary fiber, roti keeps you full for a long time. If you have eaten rice, you are most likely to get hungry soon and end up consuming more calories.

On the other hand, roti contains more protein than rice. Therefore, roti is obviously a healthier choice here. Seems like people’s perception is winning. Well, read on.

Now let’s compare vitamins and minerals value Roti and Rice

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Vitamins & Minerals – Roti Vs Rice

Both wheat roti and rice are rich in vitamins and fibre. When we compare the vitamin and mineral values of roti and rice, it turns out that 50 gm of wheat roti gives you 39% thiamin, 15% niacin, and 10% iron and riboflavin that your body needs on daily basis. On the other hand, same amount of rice provides you only 2% of daily calcium need and 3% of iron. Therefore, roti is clear winner here.

But when it comes to folate content, rice turns out to be better than roti. If you are on a diet to consume more folate, you should prefer rice over roti. Another negative point of roti is that it basically leads to more food cravings when your next meal time is approaching. Rice also does the same but if rice is cooked by boiling and then draining, it removed the excess start. This leads to fewer cravings; but cooking rice in that way take away rice’s essential minerals and nutrients too. So, you know what to choose between roti and rice to lose weight.

Fat Content in Roti and Rice

This might be the most important and wanted section of this article – THE FAT CONTENT. There is good news that both roti and rice contain a very less amount of fat. It’s almost negligible that you don’t have to worry about it. Each of them contains as less as 3 gm fat in one cup (50 gm) of their servings. Therefore, we don’t have a winner here if we consider the fat value.

But, as roti is rich in fibre, I would recommend picking wheat roti for the folks seeking to overcome obesity. Don’t use refined flour as it contains more fat than wheat flour. If you want to have rice, brown rice is way too healthier choice. Therefore, it’s either Brown Rice or Wheat Roti.

Rice Vs Roti – Sodium Intake

Another considerable factor while choosing rice and roti is the sodium intake that they offer. It’s very important to maintain optimum sodium intake for better well being in your body. Your sodium intake also affects your weight loss progress indirectly. Usually, our daily sodium intake is very high and it should be controlled. And remember that the salt is not the only source of sodium we have. The foods that we eat on daily basis also contain sodium in minimal amounts. Wheat roti is one of them. The sodium content of 50 gm wheat roti is 190 mg while the same amount of rice contains only 0.6 g sodium. Therefore, rice is a better choice here.


Roti is a clear winner in most of the factors that we compared above. It is rich in protein, fibre, and other essential nutrients. But if you are on a low sodium diet or high folate diet, rice is better option for you. No matter what choice you make, you should be very careful about your choice and its quantity. If you choose roti, you must eat whole grain or wheat roti and avoid refined flour. And if your choice is rice, you must go for the brown rice. As far as quantity in concerned, do not take more than 6 medium sized wheat rotis and 1 bowl of rice in a day.

Which Roti is best For Weight Loss?

Most of the nutritionists prefer you eating multi-grain roti for weight loss. Not only it helps you lose weight but also gives you more nutrition as compared to wheat or other rotis. Therefore, use multi-grain flour for making rotis. DO NOT USE REFINED FLOUR!

Tips to eat roti for weight loss

  1. Avoid the use of oil or ghee in preparing roti
  2. Do not eat refined flour rotis
  3. Prefer using multi-grain flour
  4. You can add more fibre and nutrients to your roti by adding oats
  5. Wheat, soya, and gram roti is best

Tips to eat rice for weight loss

  1. Do not eat rice for dinner
  2. Eat brown rice as they are healthier
  3. Do not eat polished rice because their nutritional value is reduced at the time of polishing
  4. Prefer boiled rice instead of fried rice

At the end, no matter what you choice is, do not forget to follow a proper calorie deficit and eat rice and roti accordingly. All the best for your weight loss journey.

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