How to do Yoga Meditation at Home? – With Health Benefits

What is Yoga Meditation?

Yoga is a spiritual practice that stimulates your mind and body to bring it in a harmony and keep you fit both mentally and physically. It contains many poses that help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by improving various health conditions. On the other hand, meditation is the process of de-concentration which is practices in order to bring your mind, body, and soul in a balance. Where yoga is more about your physical health, meditation focuses on your mental health. Furthermore, meditating while doing yoga makes it more effective for you .

Why you should practice yoga meditation?

To calm your mind and achieve true mindfulness..

Team Yoga Meditation is the term collectively used for practicing both yoga and meditation at the same time to experience both mental and physical stimulation to improve your overall health. This process involves practicing meditation while doing yoga. Yoga meditation is about calming your busy mind and put you in a deep relaxation state with all your positive and negative thoughts.

When you learn yoga meditation, your thoughts are automatically settled and you learn to live in your very present without the regrets from past and worries of the future.

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How to practice Yoga Meditation?

yoga meditationNow the question arises that how can you meditate while doing yoga? Seems tough, right? Well, it might be tough to concentrate in the start, but slowly you will learn this too.

The best way to be able to meditate is trying to practice it anywhere and being mindful about your present moment. What are you doing now? What is its purpose? Why you want to do that? Just pay attention to everything you do. Make it so mindful that you don’t have any time for distractions and negative thoughts. Learn to live in moment.

Now when you attain a yoga position, follow the steps below to meditate:

  1. Sit in a yoga posture
  2. Keep your eyes closed
  3. Start focusing on your breathing or heart beat
  4. Try to let go of the thoughts coming in your mind
  5. Change the position from time to time and keep focusing on the rhythm of your breathing.

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Yoga Meditation for Beginner

If you are practicing the meditation as a beginner, be ready to face the wandering mind. It’s okay that you are facing random thoughts in the starting phase of your meditation practice. Do not force your mind to “NOT THINK”. Instead, acknowledge your thoughts and let them go slowly – one by one.

Here are some tips that might help you:

Focus on your good thoughts

Instead of forcing yourself to not think, I would recommend you thinking about something that pleases your mind and soul. Good thoughts are very beneficial for soothing your mind.

Stay away from distractions

While practicing yoga meditation, it is advised to find a calm and silent place where there are no distractions. Avoid noisy locations.

Meditate for short intervals

It’s advisable to meditate often for the short intervals to have the relaxation therapy from time to time. You can practice 5 Minute Meditation at work to release stress and work with the fresh mind. It also helps you stay mindful and be more productive.

Meditate Consistently

Choose a time in a day when you can meditate without distractions and be consistent with your practice. The best time to practice yoga meditation is in the morning. Start your day with meditation and live with free mind throughout the day.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You should wear comfortable clothes while doing yoga meditation. It prevents you from distractions caused because of irritation and discomfort.

Use objects for concentrating

If you are still facing trouble in concentrating while doing yoga and meditation, try to focus on simple objects such as an antique, candle, or something else. You can also get a mandala tapestry to improve your focus.

Just remember to focus whenever you are performing yoga. Sit in a good posture and learn to stay mindful in whatever you do.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation

  1. It makes yoga more effective because of the presence of mind
  2. It helps you relieve stress
  3. Yoga meditation also helps with depression
  4. It enhances your physical and mental health
  5. It gives you a better lifestyle overall

In the end, just remember that yoga and meditation can help you live freely with yourself in very present moment. It gives you a better life and better mind. You should practice it daily for the best results. Love yourself! Live in the moment!! Live Free!!!