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Foods You Should Avoid To Increase Height

As a child, I was into the race of growing taller than my friends like every other child of my age. Now, I have grown up and nothing has changed. People still want to grow taller and look fabulous with that good physique. Therefore, we focus on diet to accomplish our goals to achieve a perfect body. Our moms were completely right when they made us drink milk and eat veggies. But amidst eating right, we often forget about checking if we’re not eating wrong.

I know height is one of the most important parts of your physique. I believe in loving myself as I am, but at the same time, I also believe in making improvements if I can. Therefore, I don’t want myself or my readers to take any chances with their height growth.

Where in my previous article, I wrote about the foods you should eat for height increase; In this article, I want to draw your attention to the foods that you avoid if you don’t want to restrict the growth of your height.

Let’s check out.

Foods to avoid to grow taller


CarbohydratesI cannot imagine my life without carbs knowing the fact that they really don’t have a good reputation as far as height increase is concerned. Reason? If you consume carbs in excess, they quickly gets converted into glucose and if this glucose has nowhere to go, it will be directly stored in your fat cells. Yes, in addition to restricting your diet, it makes you fat too. Now, you don’t want to take chance right? Carbs aren’t very good when it comes to nutritional value. All the foods rich in carbs lack essential nutrients. Furthermore, they are high in GI index resulting in increasing your insulin levels and stop you from growing.

Fast Food/Processed Food

Processed packed foodIf you are a foodie, you might be thinking how cruel I am to take your delicacies away from you one by one. Well, you have to lose something to get something. If you want to grow taller, avoid the consumption of fast food as much as you can. Yes, you have to give up on Pizza, McDonalds, KFC and most of your favorite food outlets. These foods are full of chemicals, addictive substances, and preservatives that can have poor impact on your height growth. Therefore, think twice before munching on noodles, chips, and other processed and packed foods because they are laden with the sodium, make you get addicted and gain weight.


sugarDid you know that sugar is more addictive than nicotine? Well, good that you know now. If you are following a diet high in sugar content, you will end up consuming those cookies, cakes, and chocolate leaving no room for the food high in vitamins and minerals. At the same time, sugar is addictive and therefore you always crave for unhealthy sugary food rather than focusing on healthy vitamins and minerals. This affects your height growth in an indirect way. Therefore, say goodbye to the sugary food if you want to grow a few inches taller. And do not forget to keep your children away from sugar.


SodaHow can we forget these aerated drinks that have nothing good in them. NOT A THING, can you imagine? So, why do we die for them? It’s mere an addiction that you have to overcome. Soda drinks are very high in sugar content that might get you stuck in viscous cycle – Drink Soda, Crave Sugar, And Repeat. They lead to acidity, indigestion, and play a huge role in damaging the vitamins and nutrients that you have had before. You don’t want any of this, do you? So, say no to aerated drinks from the very moment and say hello to a better life.


soyDairy products are one of the main sources of calcium and soy contains phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of soy inside the body. Therefore, consumption of soy results in weaker bones and lack of calcium inside the body. Brittle and weaker bones are less capable of growing and thus consumption of soy can restrict your height growth.

Therefore, next time you are about to make a list of healthy food to include in your diet, do not forget to keep these out of your list.

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