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Acupressure Points for Height Increase after 25 – Techniques and Tips

Acupressure is a healing therapy that was originated 5,000 years ago and is used in widely in Asia especially China for the treatment of many health issues as well as to ensure better health. In this technique, the pressure is exerted at specific points, which we call acupressure points, that enable the flow of energy through your body and helps in to function properly.

Can We Increase Height after 25 through Acupressure?

Most of people will think it’s a pseudoscience, but the answer is definitely yes! In this article, you will learn how you can increase height naturally by stimulating certain pressure points in your body. Here are some valid reasons why acupressure works in height growth:

1.        It Helps In Pituitary Gland Stimulation

Pituitary Gland is the most important gland that controls your height. It is a pea-sized gland located at the base of your brain, which is essential for releasing many chemicals to help your body function properly. This gland is also responsible for releasing height increase hormones.

Pituitary glandYou can stimulate pituitary gland through acupressure techniques. The acupressure point for stimulating pituitary gland is located at in your hands. Hence, you can exert pressure on that pressure pint to enable pituitary gland to release more hormones to increase height.

You can also try PITUITARY GLAND MEDITATION to increase height at any age. This meditation works even after the age of 35.

2.         Helps Your Bones and Muscles Grow Stronger

There are certain acupressure points for height on your body that helps your muscles and bones grow stronger. Only strong bones tend to grow taller. Hence, you can press some points on your hand to stimulate the energy flow and make bones stronger.

3.         Keeps You Away From Digestive Disorders

Your body has to be overall healthy in order to grow taller. Digestive system too plays a vital role in helping your body grow taller efficiently. There are many acupressure points in your body that helps your digestive system healthy and keeps you away from the disorders like bloating, indigestion, as well as troubled bowel movements.

4.         Helps in Stress Relief

According to the studies, stress can obstruct the height of your child as it can restrict your body from functioning properly. Acupressure can help you relieve stress and grow more efficiently.

Acupressure Points for Height Increase

Thumb Point for Stimulating Pituitary Gland Meditation

thumb point for heightThe most important point that helps you release the energy to your Pituitary Gland is at your thumb. Just exert a little pressure on the pad of your thumb. The pressure should be very gentle. This helps in increasing the flow of energy to your pituitary gland and makes it release height growth hormones.

Toe Point

toe accupressure pointThe acupressure point on the pad of your toe also increases the flow of energy to your pituitary gland resulting the activating the hormones responsible for height growth.

How often you should press acupressure points for height?

You should press your toe and thumb acupressure points twice a day for the best results. Practicing it in the morning with free mind makes it more effective.

For how much time you should do it

It is advisable to press your acupressure points for height for 15 -20 minutes for growing taller.

Does it really work?

I can’t say it works 100%, but it does 60% of the times. There are many height increase products in the market that works solely on the technique of Acupressure.

Tips for practicing acupressure for growing taller

  • Be positive about the whole process
  • Be consistent and practice it daily
  • Practice acupressure for at least 15 minutes and twice in a day

Hey guys, I cannot guarantee that your height will definitely increase with acupressure because your height mostly depends on your genes. And it is not necessary that if your parents are shorter, you will end up shorter. Just remember that you can inherit height from many generations back.

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