Best Oats Brands in India – Which Oatmeal Is Best For Weight Loss?

Oats, scientifically known as Avena Sativa, are the cereal grains that are becoming increasingly popular because of its weight loss benefits and other health benefits. This food is rich in nutrients, lower in calories and is often associated with lower cholesterol levels. It is one of the best heart-healthy foods and is extremely beneficial for your overall body health, skin, and hair.

I am not saying it without a reason. In fact, I eat oatmeal as a breakfast 3 days a week.

What makes oats best for weight loss?

Oats come packed with a lot of fibre content and essential nutrients. The fibre content it contains is heavy and of high-satiety. Thus, it has the tendency to keep you full for a long time and prevent you from eating fast food. It also reduces sugar cravings and hence keeps the biggest enemy of weight loss at bay. They also contain beta glucan and manganese that helps in boosting your body’s metabolism and helps burning down the fat cells especially for the belly and hips. It also keeps you digestive system healthy and strong.

Types of Oats

There are basically five types of oats which are:

  1. Oat Groats
  2. Steel Cut Oats
  3. Stone Ground Oats
  4. Rolled Oats
  5. Instant Oats

Oat Groats

Oat cereals begin their journey as groats which are in the form of toasted and hulled oat grains. This type takes maximum time to cook.

Steel Cut Oats

Most of the times, the oats we eat are processed to various degrees. Steal cut oats are mainly formed by cutting a whole oat 2-3 times with steel blades. They are neither steamed nor rolled and thus form the healthiest choice of oats. When compared to instant oats and rolled, they have high fibre content, nutrition value, and low glycemic index. Due to high fibre content, they keep you full for a long time and prevent you from eating fast food.

Stone Ground Oats

These are very much like steel cut ones but are grounded to smaller pieces using a stone grind to create broken bits which are of varied sizes. These broken bits help in making creamier porridge in comparison to what is achieved with steel cut oats.

Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats are obtained through rolling to make them thin, soft, and flat. These oats take less time to cook when compared to steel-cut oats and oat groats. These oats are also steamed before being sold to help in faster cooking. They also help in weight loss but are a little less nutritious than steel-cut oats.

Instant Oats

They are called instant oats because they have been processed multiple times for easy and instant cooking. They have been made thin through multiple stages of processing so that they can be cooked easily in minutes. Most of the oats brands in India sell instant oats which are obtained through pressing and rolling. They are easiest to cook among all three but the least nutritious. Yet, they are nutritious enough to help you get a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

Which of the above kids of oat are best for weight loss?

From the above discussion, you might have figured out that steel-cut oats are the best kinds of oats you can eat for healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Steel-cut oats are least processes and most nutritious. They only have one disadvantage that they take 30 minutes to get cooked while rolled and instant oats take 5 to 10 minutes. Perhaps, that’s the reason why most people choose instant oats.

Don’t think that rolled and instant oats won’t help you lose weight. They surely will but they will be little less effective than steel-cut oats. When you’re in hurry, you can choose instant oats. But when you have enough time to cook your meals, I would definitely prefer steel-cut oats.

Which are the best oats brands in India to choose from?

If you are wondering which oats brands you should choose in India for weight loss, here is our list of tried and tested oats brands in India with their prices and nutritional value.

1.      Quaker Oats

Quaker oats are one of the most popular and best-selling oats brands in India. This oats brand was established 135 years back and the quality they sell definitely match their years of expertise. They basically sell the instant oats that are pre-cooked and processed. They can be cooked in 5 minutes and thus preferred by many.

Are they good for weight loss?

Definitely yes! Quaker oats are rich fibre content and the nutrients that are essential for weight loss. Eating them regularly helps you increase your metabolism and keep your digestive system healthy. They are low in calories and keep you satiated for long time and hence prevent you from eating in excess. Furthermore, they are gluten free and hence keep the stomach issues at bay.

Can I eat them daily?

It is not recommended to eat Quaker oats daily because they contain sodium content that is not good for regular consumption. People who are on low-sodium diet must avoid regular consumption of these oats.

Different flavours of Quaker Oats

Here are different flavours of Quaker Oats available in the market:

  1. Quaker – Oats Classic

These are 100% whole grain oats with bland taste. You can add fruits and berries to make them taste better. Do not add sugar if you want to lose weight.

  1. Quaker – Oats Plus

These are multigrain oats having wheat, barley, and Ragi along with oats. Again add berries, fruits, dry fruits, and honey for better taste.

  1. Home Style Masala Oats

These are already flavoured oats with spices added for the taste. You can add extra veggies of choice. Do not add more salt or other spices.

Which Quaker Oats Flavour is best for Weight Loss?

Among the above three, Quaker oats plus is best since they are multigrain and will have more nutrients as compared to other two.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of classic oats per serving (35 g)

  1. Calories – 141
  2. Protein – 4.1 g
  3. Fibre – 3.7 g
  4. Fat – 3 g
  5. Carbs – 24.3 g


Quaker oats will cost you around 180 per KG.

They also sell steel-cut oats. You can go for them as well.

2.      Saffola Oats – 100% Natural

Saffola is also a popular choice in India when it comes to the oats for losing weight. These oats are made from natural wholegrain oats and obtained after double steaming. They offer you a uniform texture and the taste is also good. They contain a soluble fibre called beta glucan that reduces the levels of bad cholesterol from the body.

Are they good for weight loss?

Yes, because they are rich in dietary fibre and contains nutrients to keep you healthy and your weight under check.

Can I eat Saffola Oats daily?

You can eat plain saffola oats daily but the steel-cut oats are still the best option you’ve got. Only if you can wait 30 minutes to get your meal cooked

Saffola Oats Flavours

Apart from the plain oats, Saffola also sells the flavoured oats that add a little taste to the boring plain oats. Here are different Saffola Oats Flavours available in the market:

  • Masala and Coriander
  • Veggie Twist
  • Pepper & Spice
  • Pongal Surprise
  • Chinese Flavour
  • Italian Flavour
  • Curry & Pepper
  • Classic Masala
  • Tangy Chaat
  • Peppy Tomato
  • Tandoori Magic

If you are wondering which one you should try, I would recommend veggie twist as they contain the goodness of veggies. If considering flavour, “Masala & Coriander” and “Curry & Pepper” are also great flavours.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of classic oats per serving (38 g)

  1. Calories – 148
  2. Protein – 4.1 g
  3. Fibre – 3 g
  4. Fat – 3 g
  5. Carbs – 27 g

Do not eat flavoured oats more often. Plain and steel-cut oats are always the best.

3.      Urban Platter – Rolled Oats

This brand sells highly nutritious organic products and oats are one of them. It is one of the best oats brands in India. Rolled oats by urban platter are highly nutritious and take around 5-10 minutes to get cooked. These are best for people with busy routine and those who don’t have time to cook.

What makes Urban Platter’s Rolled Oats good for weight loss?

These oats are rich in fibre, healthy fat, and they contain a lot of protein. They are also low on calories and gluten-free and hence extremely beneficial for your stomach health. They come packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help you lose weight in an effective way. Regular consumption of these oats help you burn fat at faster pace.

Are Urban Platter’s Rolled Oats Tasty?

When I tried these oats, I found that they have authentic taste of oats and they taste somewhat like wheat.

Cooking Tips

It is recommended to soak them overnight before cooking in the morning. You can cook them in water as well as milk. Add honey, fruits, and berries for a better taste.

Can I eat them regularly?

Yes, they are much better for regular consumption than other flavoured oats. But if you have to choose from these and steel-cut oats, always go for the steel-cut.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of Urban Platter’s rolled oats per serving (25 g)

  1. Calories – 98
  2. Protein – 4.3 g
  3. Fibre – 2.7 g
  4. Fat – 1.6 g
  5. Carbs – 16.5 g


These pats will cost you around 300 INR per 1 KG

4.      Sattvic Foods – Steel Cut Oats

Not so popular, but this is the best choice of oats as far as weight loss is concerned. Manufactured by Indian brand, these are organic and highly nutritious. Apart from weight loss, they are really very good for a healthy lifestyle.

Why steel cut oats are best for weight loss?

The reason why steel cut oats are healthiest and most nutritious is because of the endosperm content in them, which is lost in rolled and instant oats because they are processed. These oats are also rich in protein, magnesium and other important nutrients that lead to many other health benefits apart from weight loss.

What is the taste of Sattvic Steel Cut Oats?

The taste of these oats is really good when compared to other plain oats. They can be made tastier by adding honey, jaggery, and banana or dry fruits.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of Sattvic Foods’ Steel Cut Oats per serving (25 g)

  1. Calories – 95.4
  2. Protein – 3.3 g
  3. Fibre – 2.3 g
  4. Fat – 1.5 g
  5. Carbs – 17.2 g

Steel cut oats might take 30 minutes to cook. You can also soak them overnight for faster cooking.

How much they cost?

Well, these steel cut oats might cost you around 425 for 1.5 KG pack. This pack will last 60 servings. They are little high in price because they are the healthiest option among all.

5.      Kellogg’s Natural Oats

Kellogg’s is an American Brand that’s famous for healthy and nutritious foods. These oats are also very good for weight loss. Apart from beta glucan, they are also known to possess the elements that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates in your body. These are also low in sodium and thus keep your blood pressure under control.

How Kellogg’s Natural Oats help in weight loss?

  1. It is high satiety food keeping you full for long time and prevents you from eating fast food.
  2. Low on calories
  3. Boost metabolism and make digestion faster
  4. Reduces the bad cholesterol levels and thus good for heart health

Kellogg’s Oats Flavours

Kellogg’s oats are also available in different flavours as mentioned below:

  1. Mast Masala
  2. Shahi Kheer
  3. Chatpata Tomato
  4. Hot Chinese
  5. Mango Strawberry

Which flavour you should try?

I have not tried all these flavours but I have definitely tried Hot Chinese and it was good. On Amazon, I read the mixed reviews for different flavours. Some people liked the taste and some simply didn’t. You can try them and figure out the best flavour for yourself.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of Kellogg’s Natural Oats per serving (35 g)

  1. Calories – 124
  2. Protein – 4.1 g
  3. Fibre – 3.9 g
  4. Fat – 3.2 g
  5. Carbs – 23.7 g

Again, they are instant oats and hardly take 5 minutes to cook.


These oats will cost you around 150 for 1 KG quantity.

6.      Bagrry’s White Oats

Bagrry’s is one of the famous Indian brands known for breakfast foods including oats muesli, and other breakfast materials. The brand claims its oats to be 100% wholegrain which are highly nutritious and full of protein.

How these oats help in weight loss?

Once you eat these oats in the morning breakfast, you won’t need anything else to eat until the lunch time. It will keep you full for long time and prevents the cravings to eat sugary food and other fast foods. These oats are also very good for maintaining a healthier cholesterol levels. They are rich in protein too which is essential to lose weight.

You can also try other weight loss products from Bagrry’s such as steel-cut oats and muesli etc. I am currently eating Bagrry’s Nut Delight Muesli instead of oats. You will love the taste and it is quite healthy too. I love some banana slices in my bowl of muesli. You can try that too. Bagrry’s oats and muesli taste better. They have crunchy taste and I just love their brand.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of Bagrry’s White Oats per serving (35 g)

  1. Calories – 139
  2. Protein – 4.9 g
  3. Fibre – 5 g
  4. Fat – 3.1 g
  5. Carbs – 23.1 g

Again, they are instant oats and hardly take 5 minutes to cook.


These oats will cost you around 170 for 1 KG quantity.

7.      True Elements Rolled Oats

These rolled oats by True Elements have been lab tested to be 100% gluten free. These oats are highly nutritious and are a great combination of fibre and protein. It also has anti-oxidant properties responsible for a better health.

How these oats help in weight loss?

  1. Keep you full for longer
  2. Good for digestive health and metabolism
  3. Prevents sugar and fast food cravings
  4. Contains many essential micronutrients that are good for weight loss.
  5. Rich in amino acids and therefore helps boost immunity

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutritional value of True Elements Rolled Oats per serving (30 g)

  1. Calories – 117
  2. Protein – 5 g
  3. Fibre – 4 g
  4. Fat – 2 g
  5. Carbs – 22 g


They will cost you around 350 per 1 KG pack. They might seem a little costly but they are extremely good as far as the quality is concerned.

Is it safe to eat masala oats daily?

Yes, it is safe but not recommended. Yes, they are easy to make and seems very convenient but they have been processed multiple times and the companies have added many unhealthy ingredients to make them taste better. They are healthy; but not as healthy as the steel-cut and plain oats. They also contain sugar and sodium content that is not good for weight loss. Furthermore, the veggies and spices in these oats are not fresh and are unhealthy. The preservatives are also added in them taking away it nutrition.

Some of these flavored oats also have high glycemic index that is definitely not recommended. Therefore, instead of going for instant and masala oats, always prefer unprocessed steel cut oats. You can eat masala oats once or twice a week for the taste. But for regular basis, always choose steel cut oats.