Top Ten Weight Loss Foods For Women

In this era, more and more women are gaining weight and this is because of their lifestyle in eating the foods that can aggravate their being overweight. Fortunately, there are also weight loss foods for women that can help them reduce the extra pounds in their body.

However, there are countless weight loss recipes, healthy weight loss foods and weight loss diets that can be found online and offline and this might confuse you with regards to the best fat loss tips. Well, this can be easily solved once you’ve decided to research on the top 10 weight loss foods in which you think is the best lose weight endeavors for women (be it for your wife, daughter or girl friend).

Top ten recommended weight loss foods for women


waterThough it’s not food, water can help suppress your hunger pangs since it will “fill up” you tummy and you will feel full.


berriesBerries are low in fat, calories and it is also an excellent source of fiber. So, you should munch on strawberries, blueberries, blackberries if you want to lose weight.

Citrus fruits

citrus fruitsThese types of foods are also able to flush out the fats in your system and citrus fruits can also help cleanse your colon.

Spicy food recipes

spicesSpicy foods such as black pepper, cardamom, cumin seeds are also able to help women burn fats since these have nutrients (capsaicin) that can burn calories in the body.


oatsIndeed, oats can help make your stomach full since it expands and it has lots of nutrients that can flush toxins and fats in your body.


fishFish have omega fatty acids that can aid in women’s metabolism and thus reducing fats in their body.


eggsEggs are very rich in protein and it can boost up a woman’s energy as she implements her weight loss exercises.


FruitsWomen can never go wrong with fruits as their source of food to reduce weight. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and it also boost up energy.


vegetablesThese foods are equally the same as fruits wherein vegetables also have vitamins and minerals that can flush out fats and toxins in a woman’s body.


yogurtThis kind of food is always on woman’s food list since it has microorganisms that fight bad bacteria in the stomach and it also helps make a woman’s body healthy and fit. According to webmd, people who eat yogurt burn more fat than people who do not. And of course, there are tons of other uses of yogurt as well.

Weight loss foods for women – choosing only the best food

Remember that there are still other weight loss foods for women and the decision is for them or you to decide. The most important factor to be considered here by women is for them to be motivated and stay focused with regards to their lose weight goals.

Apart from these, onions, roasted chana, kalonji, horse gram etc are also very good for weight loss.