Where To Find, Buy Or Get Guava Leaves Anywhere in The World?

Guava leaves are increasingly gaining popularity because of their numerous health benefits such as weight loss, diabetes treatment, hair growth and many more. This is the natural home remedy that can be easily prepared at home in very less cost. Though most people in this world know about guava leaves and can find them easily in their neighborhood, nearby grocery store, or online store, still there are some people who don’t know much about these leaves and hit me with the same question: “Where can I buy guava leaved?”

Here are some common names of guava before you go find them in your location:

  1. Guava – In most of the regions of world
  2. Psidium guajava – In South Africa
  3. Amrood – India
  4. Guayaba – Spain

This article is here to help you around. Given below are possibly best places to find guava leaves:

1.     Extract Directly From Tree

Fresh guava leaves are always the best and the best place to find guava leaves is from the guava tree itself. Most of the people reading this blog will be lucky enough to have a guava tree in their home or neighborhood. Guava tree can be easily found in rural areas. You can pick 5-10 guava leaves for making guava tea to use it for multiple purposes. If you have no idea what guava tree looks like, below is the picture to help you around.

guava tree2.     Nearby Grocery Stores

Guava trees cannot be easily found in the cities. If you are living in the city too, then you must also face difficulty finding the guava tree in your area. Therefore, the best option for you to get guava leaves is from your nearby grocery store or supermarket. Most of the grocery stores sell only dried guava leaves or the guava powder. There are very less chances of finding fresh leaves. Nevermind, dried guava leaves are beneficial too. The dried guava leaves look like the picture below:

dried guava leaves3.     Online Store

You can also check for the guava leaves in the online store in your local area. You can also find the guava leaves in some of the online stores and these guava leaves too will be dried.

If you cannot find guava leaves in any of the sources above, you can simply buy the guava tea. I think that would be easily available online as well as in your nearby grocery store.

guava leaves powderIf you are still facing problems finding the guava leaves in your area, please let me know in comment section by mentioning your location, I will research and provide you required help.

Guava leaves for weight lossThank You!