Muesli For Weight Loss – How to lose weight with muesli?

Ever since I have discovered muesli, I have found a healthy breakfast alternative that is tasty at the same time. I personally love muesli and the blast of nutrients and health benefits it comes with. It caught the attention of the weight watchers just a while ago and now it is one of the most trending breakfast cereal for the folks who are trying to lose weight.

What is Muesli?

Typically, muesli is a dry cereal that contains mostly oats, cornflakes, nuts, dried fruits, wheat flakes, raisings, and many other cereals. You might be thinking of the granola bar when I am talking about these. But the fact is that it is healthier option as compared to granola but with the less calories and sugar. It is available in many variations such as sugar free, gluten free etc.

In my opinion, you should also start eating muesli and see its impact on your weight loss progress. But before that, let’s find out is it really healthy alternative of losing weight?

Is Muesli Good For Weight Loss?

Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on the type of muesli you are eating. Muesli is definitely very healthy unless it comes along with unnecessary carbs and sugar. Therefore, whenever you go on purchasing the muesli, do check its nutritional value and make sure that it is low on carbs and sugar.

So, yes! Muesli is definitely healthy. Here is what makes muesli healthy:

Nutritional Facts That Makes Muesli Healthy

  1. Muesli contains less sugar that most of other breakfast alternatives you have.
  2. Muesli is rich in anti-oxidants which are good for your overall health.
  3. It is rich in protein and fiber to make your digestive system stronger.
  4. Muesli is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are weight-loss friendly.
  5. It is the best milk and dairy alternative which gives you all essential vitamins and nutrients.

What is it that could make muesli unhealthy?

Sometimes your pack of muesli is laden with extra sugar, unnecessary carbs, and fats to make it tastier. This could make your muesli a little bit unhealthy. Therefore, always make sure to check your nutrition label before purchasing any muesli. Also check the ingredients that which cereals your muesli contain and make a choice smartly.

Does Muesli Helps in Losing Weight?

Definitely yes! Since it is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins, and many other essential nutrients, it helps you lose weight very effectively. Let’s find out how.

How Muesli Helps in Weight Loss?

Here are various properties of Muesli that helps you in shedding off pounds:

1.      It keeps you satiated for long time

Since muesli is rich in protein, the protein slows down the movement of food down to the digestive tract. According to Harvard School of Public health, protein present in muesli keeps you full for a long time. But, you have to take one fact into consideration that different brands and variations of Muesli comes with different amount of protein. So, this factor will vary accordingly. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, there is 4 grams of protein in 1/2 cup of generic muesli which constitutes 7-9% of your daily protein need.

2.      Fiber fills you up without eating much of it

Fiber present in muesli fills you up very soon by triggering the sensors sending signals to your brain that you are full. It consists of soluble fiber that converts into the gummy mass slowing down the rate of food leaving your stomach. According to a study published in Journal of Nutrition in July, people who eat more fiber have slimmer waists as compared to those who don’t. What’s more? Half cup of muesli contains 3g of fiber which equals 12% of your daily fiber requirements.

3.      Low on calories and sugar

Muesli contains remarkably lower amount of calories than the other breakfast alternatives you have. It is lighter than granola bar when it comes to calories and sugar content. Therefore, it helps you lose weight way better than other breakfasts you eat.

4.      Improves your digestion

Muesli is rich in many anti-oxidants and other essential minerals which are helpful in improving your digestion and your metabolic activity. This makes it best for weight loss since it fulfills your nutritional needs and also make you slimmer by helping you burn fat with improved digestive system.

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How much muesli consumption is good for weight loss?

Ideally, you should eat a half bowl of muesli in breakfast. Since, it is high satiety food, you’ll feel full soon after you start eating it. Just make sure you don’t end up over-eating it as it might make you consume extra calories for nothing.

How you can eat muesli for losing weight?

Well, if you get bored with the same kind of meal every day, you can always make it interesting by adding other goodies. I am listing a few muesli breakfast recipes to help you lose weight.

Muesli Recipes For Weight Loss (Eat Sugar Free Muesli Only)

Please note that these recipes are for the readymade muesli packs available in the market.

1.      Muesli with low fat milk

Muesli with milk
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Simply pour half bowl of low fat milk in half bowl of muesli, and leave it for 15-20 minutes. You can serve it hot as well as cold. That’s completely as per your own convenience. Do not add sugar. If you want a sweet taste, you can add honey.

2.      Muesli with low fat milk and banana

Muesli with low fat milk and banana
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As you might know that bananas are also good for weight loss if eaten in moderation. You can combine this weight loss friendly fruit with banana to make it a little bit more exciting.

Here is the recipe:

  1. Take half bowl of low fat milk
  2. Add half bowl of muesli
  3. Now cut 1 banana into the slices and mix it in the muesli
  4. You can also add honey for taste.
  5. Keep for 15 minutes
  6. It tastes better when served cold

3.      Muesli with low fat milk and berries

Muesli with berries and milk
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If you don’t like banana that much, you can also go for berries as a replacement. Here is how you can make a berry muesli bowl.

  1. Take half bowl of low fat milk
  2. Add half bowl of muesli
  3. Now take a handful of mixed berries and put it in the bowl
  4. You can also add honey for taste
  5. Keep for 15 minutes
  6. Serve Cold

4.      Muesli with low fat milk and your favorite fruits

Muesli with fruits
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Well, if you love fruits that take some fruits of your choice and get ready to make an exciting muesli. You can take apples, avocado, pomegranate, or anything you would like. Once you have chopped all the fruits of your choice, follow the steps below:

  1. Take half bowl of low fat milk
  2. Add half bowl of muesli
  3. Now take a handful of chopped fruits and put it in the bowl
  4. You can also add honey for taste
  5. Keep for 15 minutes
  6. Serve Cold

5.      Muesli and Yogurt

muesli with yogurt
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Don’t like milk? Don’t worry, you can add yogurt instead. Just replace the milk with the yogurt in all above recipes and you will get your special yogurt muesli which is equally tasty.

Other Health Benefits of Muesli Apart From Weight Loss

1.      A lot of nutrition

Since muesli is the mixture of many cereals, fruits, berries, and dry fruits, it has very impressive nutritional profile which is good for your overall health.

2.      Heart Healthy

Muesli contains an oat fiber called beta-glucan, which helps in reducing the cholesterol levels inside the body. This is why many nutritionists suggest you eating muesli for improving your heart health.

3.      Healthy Carbs

Eating muesli everyday helps you reduce the levels of hypertension. If you are eating muesli daily, you might not need anti-depressants daily.

4.      Provides relief from bacterial infection

Muesli assists in curing bacterial infection at a much faster pace than other anti-bacterial foods.

5.      Reduces the chances of cancer

Muesli comes with oats and nuts contain a phytochemical known as lignans. This phytochemical element helps in reducing the possibility of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

6.      Improves bone health

Muesli comes packed with the healthy protein content that strengthens the bone health.

7.      Works as body detoxifier

Muesli helps in flushing out the harmful toxins out of your body leading to healthy hair and skin. The anti-oxidants present in muesli are also helpful for the same.

8.      Blood sugar stabilizer

Muesli contains the soluble fiber that helps in stabilizing the sudden fluctuation in your sugar levels.