Turmeric Tea Recipe For Weight Loss With 10 Health Benefits

Those who are craving for losing weight to look slim or fit take many steps. The steps include going for pills or exercise and even going under the knife just to look slim. However, what many do not understand is that weight loss is now possible with humble ingredient turmeric. Yes, you read that right, and though it has been a humble spice in the kitchen pantry, only in use for curries and dals, few know its health benefits. Belly fat and overall stubborn weight is a common problem of the people today. This is because of our lifestyle, which is primarily sedentary and our choice of food too.

How Does Turmeric Help in Weight Loss?

turmeric for weight lossAyurveda, the ancient Indian medicine has always preferred to use turmeric, and almost every household in the subcontinent knows it. In fact, turmeric is the first thing that people apply to cuts and burns even today. However, few know that its tea is healthy and can help you lose weight effectively too. Besides that, there are scores of effects of turmeric tea on health besides working on reducing weight. In fact, weight loss by turmeric tea works on many levels. It does not simply melt the body fat. Let us discuss these benefits in detail:

Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss

Turmeric tea has a significant curcumin in it that does its best in preventing the formation of blood vessels when the fat deposits. This is why the fat does not accumulate, which is one of the best reasons for the body not to become fat. Consumption of less fatty foods will help in your intake of turmeric tea. It also works in digestion and increases metabolism, both of which we shall discuss now.

Helps in digestion

Turmeric has always been a spice in use for easy digestion. It works on reducing gas and eases the bowel movements. This directly helps in losing weight. However, it does not mean that you eat rich and oily food and still drink turmeric tea. For the tea to take its full effect, you must also control your urge to eat junk or oily foods.

Improves metabolism

A sign of a healthy body is when you feel hungry at the right time and your bowels and digestion are working well. Turmeric helps in boosting the body metabolism whereby the body gets all the nourishment it needs from the food. Fat will not accumulate in the abdominal region when the body has proper metabolism going on. The triglyceride levels are under control. It also increases the production of bile thereby, ensuring that none of the fat remains in the body beyond whatever is necessary.

Take care of the heart

Turmeric intake with food help in the reduction of heart Curcumin in the turmeric tea ensures the arteries do not clog. Turmeric tea has a goodness of antioxidants that are helpful for those who are worried about their heart. It also helps in controlling bad cholesterol that can cause all the major heart ailments too as a result. Regular intake of turmeric tea can be so beneficial, who knew!

Reduces inflammation

Turmeric, as we already know is famous as an anti-inflammation element and hence is applied in cuts or burns because of this nature. It is the same when you take turmeric tea too. Even more effective than pill is a cup of turmeric tea for fighting internal inflammation of the legs in gout and arthritis. Moreover, people suffering from this inflammation due to acidity will find relief from the problem with this turmeric tea.

Turmeric Tea Recipe For Weight Loss

Now that we have already stated a lot about turmeric tea and its usefulness, let us proceed towards making it. The turmeric tea recipe for weight loss will need:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice / A pinch of Himalayan salt/half spoon honey


Boil three cups of water. Add turmeric powder to this boiling water. Let the turmeric water boil for a few minutes. Filter the turmeric water into a cup and let it cool for five minutes. A dash of salt or half a spoon of honey or even the lemon juice can improve the taste of this turmeric tea. Have it thrice a day for noticeable results.

Remember a few important things in order to have an effective result from drinking this turmeric tea. Make sure you use fresh turmeric or at least branded turmeric powder. The water should be boiling when you add turmeric to it. You must try your best to control the intake of oily and rich food as much as possible. Bring in fresher fruits in your daily diet.

Nothing beats the effectiveness of exercise, and so it is best if you could go for that. Try to include Yoga or even 20 minutes of brisk walking to begin noticing the effects of any diet plan, including the consumption of turmeric tea for weight loss.

Other Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • For Alzheimer’s: The Anti-inflammatory property of turmeric is strong enough to work magic on the brain too. Curcumin can improve the mood and mental toxicity not to forget, reduce the inflammation of the brain. The consumption of turmeric itself in the diet can do the same for anyone.
  • Reduce Anxiety: Another helpful use of turmeric is its ability to reduce stress or anxiety and improve the mood thanks to the curcumin.
  • Fights diabetes: Turmeric has a property to control sugar levels in the blood and prevent the formation of fat in the blood. Thus, consuming turmeric in the daily diet can have far-reaching benefits for the body.
  • Improve immunity: As an anti-inflammatory property, turmeric works wonders on the body. It has often been considered as an antiseptic since it can heal. This healing property is something we do not realize is the main reason turmeric is the main ingredient in curries. It is just so that the chilies do no harm to you while eating.
  • Beauty product: Turmeric with all these properties is also famous for treating acne. Simply making a paste of turmeric and curd or water and applying it on the face daily can help in fighting acne.

After checking out these main benefits, certainly, we must admit that by far, turmeric is a magical ingredient. It has been the most under-appreciated ingredient in our kitchen with such vital and life-saving properties. From helping in losing weight, to give us a healthy life overall, this humble spice is indeed a must-have for every house.